Thursday, August 12, 2004

Sleep Disorder References

A site called Insomniasecrets linked to The Rest of the Story, citing it as an "additional resource" for information about EUPF. I have posted exactly once about Extended Uvulopalatal Flap surgery. Therefore, this is not a good resource. However, because people interested in EUPF probably ought to read up on sleep disorders in general, and because I have a few posts that might be of interest in this regard, I have compiled a list of relevant posts. Visitors not familiar with the navigation of blogs should note that The Rest of the Story is a companion blog to the main blog, The Corpus Callosum. The sidebar on the Corpus Callosum has a search function, which can be used to find whatever you are looking for. The last one is the article about EUPF surgery. Also, here are some other sleep-related links:

(Note: The Rest of the Story/Corpus Callosum has moved. Visit the new site here.)
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